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Monday, September 4, 2023 through Friday, September 8, 2023

12:00-12:45pm ET


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    “When working with Angela, she brings her authenticity [to her teachings]. With her personality, her joy, and her unique and powerful transformational practice, she helps you get to incredible levels of heightened consciousness, in practical ways.

    She’s found a way to simplify the process, make it easy and quick, yet very powerful – teaching habits you can get into every day that don't take a lot of time and still really transform your life. It is truly a magical and evolutionary journey!”

    Sandy A

    Dallas, TX

    What you get:

    Sign up to be a part of this amazing 5-day RE-SET so you can finally begin to move forward in serenity, clarity, and full personal evolution and empowerment!

    - Every day, we’ll have a live 45-minute session to cover that day’s topic

    - You’ll also receive a FREE workbook for your notes, which will also include exercises that we’ll be doing together and individually

    - Though it’s obviously best if you make it LIVE, you’ll also get the recordings for each replay, to review what we’ve covered each day.

    What is it all about?

    PHEW... it's been quite a summer, hasn't it?!

    Have you been feeling overwhelmed, stressed, challenged, and distracted… and you're ready to reclaim your center and intuitive clarity on what’s next and how to move forward?

    Are you ready to finally get past that STUCK point, because you KNOW deep down that you CAN make important changes/improvements in your life, even though you haven’t yet been able to?

    If so, join me for CALM, CLEAR, and CONSCIOUS: A FREE 5-Day RE-SET to fill in the gaps and help you flow forward!

    We'll cover:

    - Changing the energy around stress, anxiousness, fear, and “being stuck” by addressing it differently

    - Incorporating a commonly missing crucial element to keep ourselves clear and focused, and why we typically miss it

    - The BIGGEST thing to change to get better understanding of what most often holds us back

    - Experiencing life differently: Seeing what’s “the problem” hidden in plain sight

    - How to change what is to what we desire it to be: The importance (and ease) of doing more than just affirmations and (energetic) Band-Aids!